• Hs-600Hot melt adhesive coater

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    Automatic thickness measurement
    Closed-loop control
    Grammage is automatically adjusted

  • Automatic patch synthesis machine

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    This device is specially targeted at patch products such as plasters, antipyretic patches and more. The equipment consists of 8 sets of servo motors composed of a drive system to guide the machine to run. PLC programmable controller is adopted to program the operation of the whole machine. Product features: touch screen control, 3 groups of correction mode, automatic tension controller, automatic coding, easy tearing, unloading.

  • Automatic zipper four side sealing packaging machine

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    1. The whole roll of film is corrected as a whole to ensure that the half cut of the roll film is always equal2. Automatic tension system to ensure that the roll film is constant tension when the roll diameter is large and small, and ensure the lengt

  • Hs-150/210 Fuully automatic patch synthsizer

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    This equipment will be easy to obtain batch of plaster strip raw materials and non-woven raw materials rapid and continuous automatic synthesis of tablet medicinal patches, punching, adding pearlescent film half-broken, etc., the function greatly improves the production efficiency of medicinal patches.

  • Model multifunctional automatic drug sticker synthesizer

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    This equipment will be easy to obtain batch of plaster belt raw materials and non-woven raw materials rapid and continuous automatic synthesis of sheet medicinal patches, to achieve the functions of adding magnets, adding steel balls, adding impermeable rings, punching, pearlescent film half-breaking, etc., which greatly improves the production efficiency of medicinal patches. At the same time, this device is designed with remote control technology and uses mobile phones. Mobile devices such as tablets can realize data collection and fault detection of equipment operation and process data in the network coverage area.

  • press material machine

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    Huasheng independent research and development

  • Hs-360LDouble hook paste mixer

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    Triple sealed
    360 degree stirring without dead angles
    Core temperature control technology

  • S line intelligent electric eye tracking die cutting machine

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    Overall deviation correction
    Cutting, laminating, counting
    No material self-stop

  • Solvent adhesive coating machine

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    Benefits:Ultrasonic optoelectronics - fluctuation-free correction is possibleComposite axis double servo controlServo motor tension-free unwindingHuasheng's independent research and development control system can realize the full servo linkage co

  • HS-600 Flying Plate Pressing Gel Coater

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    Automatic grammage adjustment/Weigh and kick waste online
    Visual inspection of stains and lines
    It is automatically connected with the packaging machine to realize the integrated production of coating, cutting, collection and bagging

  • Hs-1000Gel patch coater

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    The equipment adopts non-woven double-station unwinding, and the unwinding part senses the relevant parameters of the material through the photoelectric sensor, and has the function of insufficient alarm for residual material. Manual button, automatically complete the material docking, feedback the position of the floating roller through the angular displacement sensor, and then control the servo motor, adjust the rotation and unwinding speed of the cloth roll, the stepper motor and the deviation correction photoelectric to implement automatic deviation correction and installation of magnetic particle brake and tension detection for the cloth roll.

  • Hs-300LDouble planetary paste blender

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    1. This equipment adopts the core technology of precision manufacturing of Huasheng Company, equipped with multi-point temperature control device in the tank, and the parts are accurately assembled by low-temperature liquid nitrogen;
    2. The triple sealing structure is adopted to solve the problem of drug contamination;
    3. Double planetary stirring paddle to achieve stirring without dead angles to ensure uniform drug dispersion.

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