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Huasheng company was founded in 1993, formerly known as Xiongxian Huasheng Machinery Factory, located in the current national strategic highland - Xiong'an New Area, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of patch automation pharmaceutical equipment. The total area of R&D base and production base is 98666.67M², with more than 200 employees. It owns:

Hebei Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd., the business scope is medical equipment, medical beauty and health production equipment.

Huasheng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the business scope is Sinopharm quasi-brand patch equipment, hospital preparation equipment, patch pilot projects, patch amplification experiment sample preparation services. Zhongde Huasheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd., the business scope is pharmaceutical equipment, overseas export business.

In 2018, Zhongde Huasheng Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established with a German cooperative company, introducing German remote control technology, connecting the upper computer MES and SCADA systems, implanting eyes and brain engineering for the machine, and realizing intelligent manufacturing execution systems such as data collection, audit trail, online detection, and progress control. Lay a solid foundation for the construction of intelligent manufacturing factories in the future.

Huasheng company has the courage to assume social responsibility and is enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings. Donated to support education and went to the mountains many times to offer condolences. At the beginning of 2020, it took only 3 days to develop a mask machine, and then more than 60 mask machines were mass-produced, and all the masks produced were donated free of charge. In recent years, Huasheng Company has donated more than 30 million yuan to all walks of life.







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